Net Neutrality Deceased

Voters are angry. Internet is a common carrier — not a commodity. Ajit Pai should resign. Senators and Representatives: citizens are knocking on your door. Be prepared because we’re angry and we’re casting our vote for someone else if you don’t fix this.

What is net neutrality and why does it matter?

Our internet comes to us via our internet service provider. Basically, they’re the pipe throw which data flows to your computer screen from websites so you can keep touch on facebook, watch a movie or converse on hangouts with friends. Unfortunately, big ISP’s don’t like the fact that everything costs the same amount, regardless of whether you’re looking at a movie or casually surfing the web or uploading data. They are going to try to charge you more for some services, particularly for streaming services like movies.

Think of the problem like this: If your postal service decided it wanted to charge you more for anything that came from Amazon than from Walmart, you would be upset right? Well, this is the equivalent play that large ISP’s are trying to make happen. They can make your netflix connection slow so you’ll be more likely to try the ISP’s preferred or endorsed streaming platform that puts more money into their hands.

This will create an internet caste system where those who don’t have the money won’t be able to participate on the same level as others. That includes new start-up streaming services that will find it nearly impossible to compete against existing behemoth IPS’s.

What can I do?

Don’t let lobbyists for the largest ISP’s make your decisions for you. We deserve equal access to the entire internet. Call or write to congress and Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman to let them know this is wrong.

You can also use the Resistbot interface on facebook. Send the same letter to all your representatives in Congress.

Here is some example text you could copy and paste in a resistbot text or facebook message:

Trumps “Christmas Present” tax bill only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. I formally request that you oppose the “Christmas Present” tax bill. Please serve the people and not headless/mindless corporations.

If you want to reach across the aisle, here are two bills that could pass before the end of December that both parties and houses could approve:

• Re-fund CHIP. If you don’t, kids are going to start dying on your watch. Worst. Christmas. Present. Ever.

• Create a law affirming complete net neutrality. It’s good for small business — you know, the thing Congress keeps telling us is the Backbone of the American Economy.

These would be easy laws to pass, and most citizens would be glad of it.

Fix this.

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